Friday, July 04, 2008

Maybe, the last post from Brazil

[.I said, maybe.]

Yeah, because I don't know if I will post here tomorrow or sunday. So, maybe this could be the last post from Brazil. Why in english? I don't know either!
I'm so excited tonight! I don't know why, today I say goodbye to my friends that I used to work with. They give me a present and a little card with nice words. I love it!
I can't believe in couple of days I'm going to America! It's unbelievable! I'm not anxious at all... it's weird, but completelly true, I do not cried yet, I'm just laughing to everyone... I'm looking like a crazy one... hahaha
Tomorrow I'll go start my farewell, first with my friends and after with my family (and some another friends).
Sunday will have a birthday party! I love birthday parties, specially if is kid's birthday party! hahaha. My "niece" (long and complicated story) will turned 1 year!
Of course I'll take a lot of photos and I'll post here later!
To say goodbye is so sad! Sunday will be my last time I will see my little and cutest cousins, my family, friends, Brazil, Sao Paulo!!! I'm wandering... Will I cry?! Cause I'm not convincent that I'm going! I'm not!! It's look like a dream... and almost all the dreams I have, when the things are staying so good I wake up and realize... "it's a dream... one more dream. Wake up to the real life, fairy tales and happy after ever doesn't exist. Hey, wake up". And I wander when I will drop off from the plane I'll wake up and see that I was dreaming all this time! It's crazy don't you think? Yeah, I know, my head is messy. I imagine things unimaginary. But it's okay, sometimes I like it, another times don't.
Whatever, let's put this thing away.
So, I already did my baggages, I'm taking the basic of the basic of the basic, but I'm still worry cause I'm feeling that something is missing, I don't know what... I dreamed with this already, it's sucks.
I think that's it... Sorry my poor english, my mistakes... It have been a long time I'm not practicing...
Thanks guys, for everything! You're rocks!
If I do not post anymore... We'll see in America!!!



Mila. said...

bom, como eu acho que vai ser dificil tu postar denovo antes da viagem, ja quero te desejar boa viagem! Que tudo ocorra as mil maravilhas e o treinamento seja otimo!
Beijao :*

Anna Domingues said...

Nanda boa viagemmmmmmmm!
Não vejo a hora das pessoas me desejarem isso! Espero que dê tudo certo, ok???
Beijocas querida e bom treinamento!

Prika Maioral said...

Don't worry girl... everything will be perfect... just an awake dream... and after all this experience, you will realize that you are a winner... and you acomplishied all that you want in first place...
So.. I just want to say good luck.. and that god may be with you!
see you in America!

Lú Poroli said...

nandaaaaaaaaaa boa viagemmmmm... eu tava sumida dos blogs, mas agora to de volta viu!!! tudo de bom lá!! beijos